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We offer headlight restoration on all makes and models.

When you think about the various safety features in your vehicle, you might consider the anti-lock brakes and the airbags. Newer models also have innovative active driver aids, such as automatic braking and lane-keeping assist, which can help reduce the risk of a collision. Of course, these are certainly important and valuable on any vehicle, but they’re not the only safety features you have. In fact, the headlights are just as vital, if not more so, when you’re driving at night. Headlights have been on cars for decades, but they remain among the most critical safety features in the industry.

Headlight Restoration in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Driving in the dark is dangerous without proper front lighting. If one of the headlight bulbs goes out, it’s tough to see what’s ahead of your vehicle. But another issue that impacts many auto owners is headlight oxidation. The headlight housings are made of acrylic, a material that can oxidize when exposed to certain chemicals or materials. Although these housings come with a protective coating, it can wear away over time, causing damage to the lighting system on your ride. The previously clear acrylic takes on a yellowish or foggy appearance, which is when headlight restoration is necessary.

The damage is visible when you look at the vehicle, but you might also notice that your headlights don’t project as well when this occurs. Our team at Mayes Auto Detailing can perform headlight restoration to improve the safety and appearance of your vehicle. We offer headlight restoration on all makes and models and serve those located throughout the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.